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I’m very excited to introduce myself as a new addition to
the womazing site. Some of you will be readers that will carry on from my
previous blog site, and some of you will be new readers that already pertain to
this site as current supporters. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is
Lils and I’m mainly known, by my fellow Hip Hoppers, as a controversial critic.
I’m known to be outspoken and wordy with album/artist reviews.

Although that has been my place for about five years, I no
longer do that. What I’ll be doing from now on is conducting written interviews
and editorials for this site. I won’t be writing album reviews anymore, but I’m
open to writing commentary on albums, singles, or videos. I’m excited to
venture into this new area of Hip Hop and I hope to do it while keeping that
same spunk that attracted my original readers. I will continue to stay true to
Hip Hop before anything else, then you guys, the readers.

I’ll be posting as much as my free time allows me to, and
hopefully you guys can return the favor by becoming frequent readers.

I’m open to suggestions, or comments, for topics and I’m
also open to receiving material for commentary at chavezlilian4@gmail.com. Keep in mind
that my commentary and opinions are my own, and mine only, and don’t reflect
upon the other contributors of the site.

I look forward to networking with you guys!

Feel free to connect with me on twitter or facebook. My
twitter name is @4Lils and my facebook is www.facebook.com/lilianc33.

Peace, love, and Hip Hop!

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