Dyalekt, Bravo One, Aja Black, Mane Rok, T Minus Katlyn, Johnny 5 – 99th Problem [Video]

by on Wed, 11/23/2011 at 9:55pm ET Comments

It’s always nice to see a group of emcees get together and create a song with a solid message. These emcees stand strongly together and make their presence and political stance known to the public. It’s always good to see where emcees stand on political issues and this also gives Hip Hop fans an idea of what the 99 percenters have to say. The visuals in this video, courtesy of Locker Partners, are on point, clear, and capture the front lines of occupying. DJ Es Nine does a great job of adding familiar Hip Hop scratches to lace the beat, and overall joint, soundly. Occupy some time by clicking below and watching the video.


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