#MixedMonday with the BoomBap&Beat Beast Slot-A!

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AYOOOOO! What’s happening good people? It’s Ms. @HipHopUDontStop coming to ya with another feature in our #MixedMonday series where we like to showcase & show appreciation to all the producers & DJ’s out there! This week we got the man I consider a BEAST when it comes to the booms, baps & beats, Mr. @IAMSLOTA!

As I chopped it up with him, I got to learn that although he has only been doing his things on the 1’s & 2’s & production for a couple years now, Slot-A expressed that he takes what he does very seriously. “I went from making 4-7 beats a day, to taking 4 months off to study my craft…”, Slot-A says. Inspired by legends in the game like DJ J-Dilla & 14K, he says that he would “listen to beat tapes on end to gain knowledge as far as putting a tape together, which songs go together, how you blend certain things.” On his quest for that musical knowledge out live in the streets, he chose shadow mix masters in the booth like DJ Jay-Illa & DJ Hero George. “I’ve learned a lot about sequencing records & learning how to get people to react to what you’re putting out,” Slot-A says,”I know that I feel certain way about what I put out, I can only begin to imagine how peoples’ interpretation of what I’m putting out may be…I just hope it’s the same.” I feel like most people that want to become noteworthy DJ’s and/or Producers don’t take time to appreciate the craft for what it is, & study the foundation that makes extraordinary production, which in turn is what could potentially make or break a classic in my opinion. Slot-A expressed that when deciding to take his production seriously he “didn’t want to go into something completely blinded” & as an instrumental head myself, I appreciate those that appreciate this art form.

If you follow Slot-A, then I’m Sure you’re aware of the work he’s done with fellow friend & Chicago Emcee @Add2TheMC! With tracks together on various volumes of Add’s project #TaleOfTwosCity, I have witnessed these two raise the bar high when it comes to stage presence and putting on a hell of a show. Whether the crowd held 20 people or 200 people, they would always maintain the same hype no matter what. Back in 2011, Slot-A & Add-2 had the chance to perform for the one and only Black Thought. Noted as a special performance, Slot-A expressed, “Mannnnn, the people were into it, it was almost on some rock star sh*t…it was different from the regular shows. Before everything jumped off…the whole stage was black…and as soon as the drums starting kicking, the lights started flickering…it was intense. It was incredibly special.” As I asked how the two linked up, Slot-A told me that they met through what was know as “The Writing Sessions” in Chicago, which was a chance to network with artists & producers trying to make it in the business. Although the two didn’t link at first, Slot-A says that by the third time they connected they “clicked on some friendship sh*t…after that man, me & him been rockin with each other ever since.” Looks like third time is a charm for this dynamic duo that makes one hell of a track after another.

Recently, Slot-A has dropped his latest project #TimeCapsule2011 which includes artists like Add-2, Ghostwridah, Grumpy Old Men, Gerald Walker, Neak, Mike Schpitz, Scheme, K Sparks & Slot-A himself. Aspiring to have the same type of essence like one of his favorite album “Like Water For Chocolate” from Chicago legend Common, I would definitely have to say that this dude did the damn thing with this tape. The way it flows, captures the music, showcases the growth throughout the year & draws the attention of the listener…mannn, ya’ll just don’t know! But don’t just take my word for it, take a listen to the straight dopeness this man has to offer. From the boom baps to the “feel it thru your whole body, head nodding” beats, this gentleman def gets my respect in the game.

A wise man once said, “Hip Hop is the perfect verse over a tight beat”…thank you for providing that tight beat Mr. Slot-A

To hear #TimeCapsule2011:

To hear more music from Slot-A: Click here

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