#MixedMonday with the Golden Era Guru Frantik!

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What it is yoooooo? It’s MiMi aka Ms. HipHopUDontStop coming at ya once again with another interview for our #MixedMonday series here at #Womazing. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing with the spiritual & thought-provoking production man, Mr. FrantikTheGod.

Although I initially met the homie through twitter, It wasn’t too long before I got to know him not only as a person but quite a dope & intellectual man that had a lot to say, said exactly what was on his mind & did it in a form that encompassed the aura of golden era hip hop in production & some tough spoken word poetry in his lyrics.

Although dude may be young, Frantik has been doing his thing on the production tip since he was about 10 years old. Ever since a young age he has been a fan, & til this day he say’s his mind is “stuck in a golden era of hip hop mentality & it’s never coming out”, as he expanded on the subject he portrayed the golden era as, “the deepness of how we can visualize something, how we express ourselves, put out emotions into listening & letting something that we hear affect us.” He expressed that when he started making beats, “It cost money to get original production so I started teaching myself. When I was looking for beats, even at that age it wasn’t what I was trying to hear…I wanted less hits, less 808’s & more drum breaks, ya feel me? So I decided to start doing it myself.” It’s always interesting to see where people get their inspiration from so when I asked him what producers he most admires in the game, he expressed that back when he first started he was inspired by RZA’s “36 chambers” & Swizz Beats on “It’s dark and hell is hot”. As for his idols in the game though, Frantik was quick to name off RZA, Premier, Organized Noise, Lord Finesse & Havoc as top 5 in his book, which is a pretty dope line up if you ask me.

As a very passionate music head, I know I’m vibing to a song when I feel that song running through my veins & I feel as if it where meant to be written for me as the words that I couldn’t speak so the music spoke it for me (big ups to all those that know what I’m trying to express). As we were conversing, I asked Frantik what he wants people to feel as they listen to his music, he said “I’m a real in tune individual when it comes to my tone chakras & being able to feel sound vibrations. If I can’t feel a certain type of music, I doubt another person can. Really, I just want people to feel my music, cause if they’re gonna feel it all, they’re gonna feel it 100.” In the end his ultimate goal is to “make a sound that everybody can relate to, & feel it without there being lyrics over it. Have them listen to a beat & have them create a movie in their head while listening to it.”

Frantik is not only a dope producer but his MC skills are on a different mental level than most. I expressed earlier that this cat has some deep gems that he drops. The gems that make expand your mental limits & contemplate the knowledge he stays spitting at ya. As I asked him to expand on how it feels to make music from both the view of the producer & the MC he hit me with,

“You know how people always say the book is better than the movie? You can’t write lyrics till you here the beat…well at least I don’t & I feel like when I make a beat & I finish a beat completely that’s a book. When they read the book (a.k.a hear the beat) the listener can create whatever they want to visualize. Once you put the lyrics over the beat now they’ve made a film out of it, so now we’re gonna envision what they’re saying. If the MC is dope enough it’s going be just as deep cause the listener will be able visualize what they’re saying to a T…The instrumentals is the book & the beat with the lyrics over it is the final movie.”

I’ve never heard the analogy between the two quite put like that but I can dig it. Although giving off that golden era vibe is one of the goals, Frantik says he does try to keep it “as universal as possible.” But if you’re expecting a club banger you can look elsewhere cause Frantik says, “I could make a couple 808’s & yeah, you may wanna dance to it but that’s only temporary. It’ll get you hype for 5 min in the club but after that it’s getting thrown in the dump afterwards. But If I make something powerful, there is no time limit. It’s infinite & it’s always gonna be good.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

A wise man once said “Hip – Hop is a perfect verse over a tight beat”, thank you Frantik for creating that tight beat.

If you’re looking to hear more from him be on the lookout for his new project #ProjectWarhead coming soon. As for now though, the homie has compiled a special mix of the productions he has created, so sit back and enjoy the realness.

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