#MixedMonday Getting To Know Beatz2Bump aka el-R (Interview + Beat Tape)

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It wasn’t until a little less than a year ago that el-R came across my radar. I first heard of him when I was contributing for a site named, UrbanClassy.com, when I received a submission for his #Excuses beat tape. el-R, who’s originally known for Beatz2Bump says, “I got tired of people referring to me as Beatz2bump or ‘beatz’ so I just went with that…”, and then kept the name el-R, which are the initials to his actual name LaShawn Reshard. When I asked him how old he was and he responded saying “21”, I immediately said “Aww your a baby!”, and then he laughed and said, “You would think that as you got older people would stop saying that, but oddly enough, I’ve been hearing that more”.

With only 21 years of age, the young producer has the ambition of creating his own production label in the near future. At the age of 15, is when el-R became extremely fascinated with beatmaking. He says,”I’m from Bama and at the time it seemed like everybody wanted to be a rapper. My older brother and a few cousins use to rap and do lil cyphers and sh*t and I would always punk out when it was my turn to go. So, one day I decided, I was gonna try something different and produce.” Little by little el-R learned more about production and eventually got better after listening to artists like Dilla, Kanye and Madlib. “I followed their work really close and eventually began to craft my own sound“, explains the producer.

el-R’s production has always spoken to me, even though they’re just instrumentals. That’s why I was curious to ask him if his beats are influenced by the current mood he’s in, and he answered that making it clear with a straight up, “YES!”. And followed that answer saying, “I have to remind myself every time I try to create, not to try and do something I’ve already done.” I could only imagine how hard it might be trying to to create something that isn’t similar from past projects. So, I had to ask him if it was difficult and he responded with, “Im a sucker for breakbeats and off the wall sounds and often used to find myself re-using patterns. But now I’ve learned to have patience and just build something unique everytime. Once you love what you do, it becomes almost natural.”

He also explains that he grew up listening to a lot music his parents listened to and caught the likes of sampling a lot. His beats have this soulful and sort of a nostalgic vibe to it, that comes off very mellow and peaceful. The talented artist has worked with usual Womazing suspects like, NeoPopsicle, Frantik, and TreaZon. When asked who he wishes he could work with in the near future he explained “I don’t wanna just throw huge names out there that I know would be almost impossible to ever work with…” and then said,“…as far as producing for, I would love to do a track for Ghostwridah. I really like his approach on his records and he really likes to use new, unseen producers.” Which I believe will be a splendid idea, so, Ghost, let’s get on that ASAP! I really believe that el-R is extremely talented and makes beautiful music. And I also think he has potential to go and accomplish his goals of creating his own production label. So, keep up the great work el-R!

el-R decided to put together an exclusive and wonderful 9-track project just for today’s feature on Womazing.com titled, Mama’s Son, which features one guest appearance from Frantik. el-R even mixed in the “Half man, half amazing” from Nas in one of the tracks. I love it! *laughs* Like I’ve said plenty of times before, and I’m going to say it again, let your thoughts be the lyrics over the instrumental. Read the description of the beat tape below…

As a man, one matures as he goes through life and garners many labels while doing so. Whether he’s rich, poor, famous or alone his whole life; when it’s all said and done he’ll always be his mother’s son. She is the one who brought him into this world and without her, none of the things he achieved in life would be possible. So regardless of where our dreams take us, always remember to stay humble and realize you are only a reflection of those who created you.”

Stream/download below…


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