Before the colorful wigs, Barbie ways & the exorcism performance, there was this Nicki Minaj….

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Do not get it twisted. I am not a Nicki Minaj fan and never will be. However, I came across this video via HHNM of an old freestyle of Nicki from her Dirty Money days. After watching it, I was in pure shock. Before the different colorful wigs, Barbie ways and exorcism performance, there was an actual talented Nicki Minaj, who spit bars in a tolerable tone for the culture. That shit just blew my mind. It’s crazy to see how drastically she’s changed… I mean like, the girl freaking performed an exorcism on stage at the Grammys last week. And I still don’t know why she even got a standing ovation for that. Anyway, this was interesting to watch…because her talent was pure. Something is definitely not right with this chick right now, though…

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