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Written by: Nicole Cormier

When Turner Jackson first appeared on the scene a few years ago, he was an eager, talented little sponge, ready to absorb every aspect of hip hop that he could get his hands on. Now he has grown into an MC to be reckoned with, minus the chip on his shoulder that generally comes along with paying dues. His newest album, Star Destroyer displays a more refined cadence with undertones of the youthful fervor that Turner Jackson fans have come to love. Big J Beats, of 1984, lends his unique and mellow production to Star Destroyer taking this project to another level entirely.

The tracks are deliberately arranged, though the long pauses between tracks were too noticeable. “Jackson” is an autobiographical track about his attempts to achieve success in the eyes of his family. Jackson lets loose with a hyphy style in “In Living Color”, but most of the inflection of his voice is lost as his volume soars to a near yell. “Emotions Down” is well put together and catchy, serving almost as an interlude mid-album. “Good Bye” is a wishful track about Jackson’s dream to tour, “I try to measure my endeavors, is the risk worth the reward?” echoes a common internal battle for most budding artists. The closing track, “Star Destroyer” features MCs, Marky Bias (1984) and AVIUSPrime Element) and guest production from Fast Forward (TMRRW PPL). This track is a perfect way for Turner Jackson to end the album, [w]rapping the project and aligning himself with other talented musicians.

Jackson displays his growth in Star Destroyer without neglecting his original charm. He laces in movie quotes and references as he has done on other projects but with a new voice. Turner has truly matured as an MC, and now, with his big boy pants on, his options have grown right along with him.

Check out the dope video directed by the talented Konsequence after the jump!

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