Hexsagon – “Just Wanna Know (Remix)” (Feat. Savant, Random, & Phill Harmonix)

by on Sun, 03/04/2012 at 2:19am ET Comments

Off the 4th installment of his “Beat Flip Tuesdays,” Hexsagon, of Visions Of the Sun, hit the world with this heavenly sounding joint, interwoven with substance-containing bars. Emcees Savant, Random, and Phill Harmonix take advantage of the blissful beat in order to speak on their perspectives of current issues in the world. I believe the soft beat makes it easier for the listener to truly engage themselves into the song and its message. I truly love this joint, and these men do a remarkable job of getting their thoughts across in a manner that doesn’t sound like they’re forcing their opinions upon their listeners. Hexsagon’s beat plays an important role in this. If it weren’t for the beat sounding so serene, the message might’ve come across different, or maybe not come across at all. Click play below and download also. Look out for upcoming releases from all four artists and also Random’s Vs. Tour!


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