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Dyalekt, of Diamond Boiz, starts his solo LP, Death By Ego, in a full-on sprint. 2012 seems to be the year where artists are experimenting; throwing the formula aside, trying new styles and unique compositions to create a different sound.  Dyalekt is no exception; he departs from the perfectly crafted technique that he has used in the past and takes some risks.

Minimalist beats and compelling vocals give Death By Ego a spoken word feel, but the unexpected charm comes from the off-kilter hooks and versatile beats.  With production features from Boy Davey, TC Crook, Leezy (ODX) and Tech Groove, no track sounds the same.

Dyalekt’s honest and blatant slant on life is as refreshing as it is offensive.  From political tracks to love ballads about Vanessa Hudgens, Dyalekt gets ballsy on Death By Ego without losing his personality in the mix.  With help from a worthy roster of talent (including: Zome, Ze, Mane Rok, DeeJay Tense, Luke Skyy, Benjamin Butters, Bravo One, Script and Quse London).  Dyalekt’s confidence on this album does wonders to establish his relevance to hip-hop, and music in general.  So maybe his ego won’t be the death of him after all.

Dyalekt is giving away this album for free.  You can download the album here.

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