Review: Marion Write- Illustrated Example

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Marion Write, a Las Vegas emcee, has a deep and introspective style that contradicts the sometimes shallow and artificial city that he represents.  Illustrated Example doesn’t only focus on the glitz and glam of Vegas, but rather the down to Earth mentality of everyday life.  Write’s voice is as alluring as his storytelling ability is compelling.  Every track is as worthy as the one before it, and there is no skipping around required.  This LP showcases Write’s well-rounded lyrical ability which is highlighted by an equally diverse beat selection by guest producers:  The Outerlimits, S.B., Best Kept Secret, DJ Finyl, Token, Two3 and Bhonstro.

Marion Write’s future is as bright as the electric utopia he calls home.  We look forward to keeping up with this emcee’s career.  Download Illustrated Example free here.

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