#FreestyleFriday | “Skyzoo Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays”

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So it’s been quite a bit since we’ve hit you guys with something for #FreestyleFriday, but I’ve got a video for you guys that’s well worth it! When one hears the term “freestyle” nowadays, we don’t necessarily think of the criteria that it once possessed. Before, one heard the term “freestyle” and automatically assumed that what would be said came off the top of the head. (Hooray that rhymed!). Anyway, today the word freestyle doesn’t mean off the top anymore. Nowadays, the only way people can best describe what it entails is “free of style/form”. Which, isn’t too bad, but personally I miss seeing the amazing skill, of what freestyling meant in earlier years of Hip Hop, that very few were actually able to do. Well, in times where freestyling means reciting lyrics off a mixtape into a mic, reading off your blackberry, or your notebook, we see a nearly inexistent type of freestyler in Skyzoo. Sky is known to do all his freestyles off the top of the dome. This video in particular impressed me because although he is freestyling off the top of the dome, he’s still able to drop double entendres and connect his ideas successfully to each metaphor and simile. There are some portions where his transitions from topic to topic are a bit shaky, but that only further verifies the fact that it’s off the top. Even though some of the transitions are a bit shaky, they are still surprisingly polished for it being created on the spot. This, at least to me, suggests that Sky has probably tirelessly worked on programing his subconscious mind to be able to spit non-stop without it being premeditated. I will go as far as saying that Sky is one of the best, if not the best, freestyler currently, in terms of the original and current criteria. Feel free to send over any other freestyles you feel should be shared, even your own, by shooting a link over to my email: lils@womazing.com. But for now, enjoy this week’s pick!

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