Jay Electronica – “Dear Moleskine” (Produced by Just Blaze)

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So a couple of days ago, Jay Electronica finally decided to drop a new joint! Let me start by saying I was already at the point where I was done with him. No new releases, no new anything! Like…how are you going to drop some constant dopeness, then stop?! How are you going to do your fans like that?! Lol. I mean, when I heard his album artwork had leaked, and he denied it on twitter, I threatened him to change that soon. Either he coincidentally decided to release this joint the next day, or I scared him. I’ll go with the latter because it makes me feel good. Anyway, let me start by saying that I absolutely love what Just Blaze did with this joint. Let me continue by saying that I am pissed off that the joint wasn’t longer. This is what I’ve been waiting for?! Something as short as this?! C’mon, man. Even though it was short, the lyrics itself showed that Jay Electronica has still got it. Every time I hear one of his verses, I can tell it belongs to him. He adds his own Jay Elect twist to everything. So, Jay, if you ever got anyone to write your bars, I’m going to notice! Lol. I dig the fact that his metaphors are so unique. It makes me appreciate his creative mind that much more. Jay, I know you probably aren’t going to come across this, but if by some strange chance you do…HURRY UP!

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