Mikkey Halsted & Lupe Fiasco – “Gone” (Feat. Jim Lavigne)

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I want to start by saying that I dig this joint. The beat has the rock-feel to it, and I’m actually a big fan of rock music. Besides that, the singer, Jim Lavigne, is a nice touch. As for the bars, I hadn’t heard about Mikkey Halsted up until now. I thought, “Meh, this is going to be another mediocre emcee that was fortunate enough to get a shot at collabing with someone like Lupe.” I was glad to be proven wrong. Sure, he isn’t a Lupe Fiasco, but the man is talented. His verses exemplified some dope story-telling and imagery skills. Plus, his strong delivery/tone helped the listener feel the story he’s delivering. As for Lupe’s verse, I loved it! No, it’s not just because he mentioned boxing and Ali, the goat, but because he’s does an awesome job of channeling a paramedic. Has Lupe ever been a paramedic?! My primary job is working at an ER, and I can tell you that his verse gave me the chills. I also appreciate the fact that he starts his verse by describing the scenario, and how he’s attempting to save this life. He alludes to the fact that he’s a paramedic, but doesn’t say it at first, and this gives the listener an opportunity to think along with the verse. He’s basically foreshadowing details. And he closed it so nicely with the description of losing the 20yr old male and as a result, having to shut off the ambulance sirens. Such a beautiful touch to the ending. I also forgot to mention something that I feel is underrated that was used during their verses. If you take notice, they pause in the middle of their verses to add more weight to the intensity of the scenarios. The first verse is a very subtle pause, the second is a bit longer, and Lupe’s is completely obvious. This is a song I would highly recommend to anyone. I will definitely keep this on replay for a long time. Enjoy!

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