#SoulfulSunday | Savant – “Soul Music” (Feat. Charity Clay & DJ J20) (prod. by Camufingo)

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Lils here, bringing you your weekly dose of Soulful Sunday! Of course, I’m trying to knock out the joints that contain the words “soul” in the title first. When I sat there thinking of joints that had this criteria I thought of this beauty! This is actually a joint we premiered on the site a while ago, but why not post it again for the occasion? In this joint, everyone involved does an awesome job of capturing the soul. The emcees Savant and Charity Clay do an awesome job of applying the similes, metaphors, and imagery in order to capture the depth of the song. Although one would imagine that songs about “soul” would include topics such as love (for an individual) this song proves otherwise. It’s able to portray the love one holds for a genre of music. What makes this song even better is that it incorporates singing, scratches, and emceeing in order to do so. Another art that’s no longer common within the genre is the exchanging of bars. Savant and Charity Clay partake in a trade-off of bars that makes it impossible for the listener not to remain engaged. As for the soul aspect, if you pay close attention, Charity’s first verse does a breathtaking job of setting the tone of a verse that describes soul in motion. Savant does an astounding job of taking the tone that Charity has set and expanding upon it by describing both soul in motion and the feeling of soul. The adlibs, flow, and scratching all coexisted nearly flawlessly. I should also mention the way the male and female vocals mesh together was absolutely awe-inspiring. One would think with all the elements in this song, it would drown. I believe if all these elements weren’t successfully executed that would’ve taken place. But I also believe that all elements were necessary in order to capture the soul. Enjoy!


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