#FreestyleFriday | Last Born, Ill Conscious, Lonnie Moore, & 330 – “Passing me By 2012” {Video}

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Hello, all! And happy Friday to you! I’m completely elated to introduce this video that dropped yesterday that I felt so ecstatic about! A few years ago I was heavy into the DMV Hip Hop scene, and eventually fell out and this video made me want to get back into it. This cypher includes emcees Last Born, Ill Conscious, Lonnie Moore, & 330. Last Born’s opening bars let the listener know he’s about to drop some heavy bars. His verse reminds me of something I’d hear from the heavy-hitting emcees in the late 80’s. That’s a big compliment, by the way. He successfully preserved an 80’s Hip Hop aura and portrayed it flawlessly in his verse. ILL Conscious does a remarkable job of dropping multi’s while using an impressive vocabulary. His flow is also something to admire, considering he never skips a beat and rides it. He also states his views in his bars, which some might find to be controversial, but considering how substantial it was executed it’s hard to not dig his verse. Lonnie Moore, to me at least, brought a lot of that Baltimore feel to it. His line “..I don’t do it big, I do it morbidly obese..” was one of my favorite punchlines of the cypher. 330 brought the rawness to the cypher. I heard her verse and was blown away by the ruggedness and weighty delivery and content. I mean, the woman said, “..This dike-chick brought it back to life, straight Eastered it..” She successfully brought the personality to it. Shouts to Consumer Voice Entertainment Group and Kestonism! I am thoroughly impressed with how everything was put together. DMV, you should be proud!

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