D/Will & Dominique Larue – “Circulate (Remix)” (Feat. M-Dot & Boycott Blues)

by on Tue, 05/22/2012 at 10:19pm ET Comments

Dominique Larue saves the day! Almost nothing makes me as happy as receiving a brand new Dominique Larue joint. I’m especially happy to introduce this joint to y’all because it’s a remix to possibly my favorite joint from her. This remix basically has the same soundscape and subject matter, but it has two new Boston emcees on the joint, M-Dot and Boycott Blues, plus a fresh new Dominique Larue verse. M-Dot brought a dense voice and dragging delivery, which in this case isn’t a bad thing. In this case, it works for him and adds personality to his verse. Dominique, like usual, brought her steady flow and hard-hitting bars. I must say that listening to the song in its entirety; one knows that this is her song. Her verse just fits so flawlessly. Boycott Blues was the only verse that wasn’t in your face. This worked to his advantage because considering the arrangements of his rhyme schemes; it worked out best if he showcased a more mellow execution. Overall, I dig this remix. Also, shouts once again to D/Will for this awesome beat! Each emcee brought their own characteristics to the track, and just made me more excited for the arrival of diem. I was also thoroughly pleased when I found out there will be a video to “Circulate” (the original version). Ah, man. Today was a good day! Enjoy!

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