Chris Miles – “Dial Tone” (13 Year Old Rapper) {Video}

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Hey, y’all! So, I was a bit on the fence about posting this video on the site after I saw it sitting in our submissions email, for multiple reasons. First I should start off by saying I feel a certain way about kids being in the spotlight. I feel that kids should be allowed to be kids, but in the same sense, who are we to deny them of a fair chance to pursue their dreams? Also, it’s clear that children are very impressionable. After hearing this song it was obvious that this kid is heavily influenced by the music in today’s mainstream media (the auto-tune, the money references, “hater” references, and “going H.A.M.” references).  With all of that said, the kid is thirteen and with that in mind, he’s got talent for his age. He has amazing breath-control, dope flow, and pretty dope word-choice. This kid has so much potential and I just hope that money-hungry adults don’t get a hold of him. I hope he has genuine adults in his circle, or at least parents that are somewhat knowledgeable in the music industry, that encourage him to be himself. He’s a kid, and I hope he doesn’t forget that. If he decides to pursue this, which clearly he is, I hope he does this for the fun of it. Talented kid, let’s hope he uses that to his advantage to set his own stage rather than trying to emulate what’s already seen by older artists. Good luck, little man!

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