New video for Myke Charles-“C.L.A.P. (Cars, Ladies & Poetry)

by on Sat, 07/14/2012 at 1:43pm ET Comments

Man, these cats just keep churning out quality videos.  Emergency Room is on a roll, continuously releasing new videos and putting a completely different spin on each one.   This video is for Myke Charles‘ single, “C.L.A.P. (Cars, Ladies & Poetry)” off the mixtape Lift Off with DJ Chonz.  Everything about this video is appealing.  Visually, the color scheme, the girl, the car, it’s all easy on the eyes.  Musically, the timing, the lyrics and the beat all easily appeal to all kinds of music appreciators.   Does MTV still play music videos? If so, this one would easily make the rotation.

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