Faded Penguin: Fall 2012 Updates

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Like Beanies, and clothing lines paying homage to the likes of Biggie and Jimi Hendrix? Check out what my man Alex had to say about his clothing line for the upcoming Fall collection.

Last Friday theFADEDpenguin started their pre-sale for their September ’12 releases. The first part of their Fall/Winter collection features the follow up to their G.O.A.T. package featuring Tupac and Biggie with the line coming up with a G.O.A.T. Pt. 2 featuring Jimi Hendrix and Tupac. The new September drop also has three new colorways in the “No Wings Still Fly” beanies, with the retroing of the ”Cool Grey’ colorway. theFADEDpenguin has been working hard to get something for the ladies and have with their ‘Hippie Chick’ tee coming in two colorways. They didn’t want to leave the fellas out on that one either so you can grab one coming in grey or white.
The pre-sale started at 12 a.m. Friday August 31st on their online shop (www.fadedpenguin.bigcartel.com), and will go until September 14th. They are now only dropping limited pieces from this point forward so you must order with in this two week period to have your product made. After the two week pre-sale orders processed and started to become produced that Monday (September 17th). Please give your order 2-3 weeks to come in the mail after the pre-sale date. If you have any concerns about your orders our questions please contact us at theFADEDpenguin@gmail.com, please do not come on any of our social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) slandering our name saying we have forgot about your order, because we haven’t it’ll just take time to be produced and we do not forget about our valued customers! See y’all this friday!!!
You can purchase their new drops plus more at http://www.fadedpenguin.bigcartel.com!

You can check out on twitter and IG down below. Stay F.A.D.E.D. my friends
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