Vintage Stereon Presents: Vintage Relaxation

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Well, if it isn’t my favorite guys! I swear, these dudes just never take a vacation. They are ALWAYS working, and I’m so proud of them! Miami-based clothing brands, Vintage Stereon and Urban Relaxation, are proud to present their latest collection titled Vintage Relaxation. These shirts are extra funky fresh! Read what Vintage Stereon had to say about the collaboration/collection.

Vintage Relaxation is a collaboration created by Miami-based clothing brands Vintage Stereon and Urban Relaxation. Determined to combine our influences in graphic design and illustration, Vintage Relaxation brings a sense of popular culture into the industry while related to an iconic figure (Statue of Liberty). We have produced a single t-shirt for this collaboration which is entitled “40 Oz to Freedom”. The 40 Oz to Freedom t-shirt comes in black and white and will be available on crew necks for limited release. You can shop at WWW.VINTAGERELAXATION.COM to purchase your gear.

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