I Am Thankful For Hip Hop

by on Wed, 11/21/2012 at 11:14pm ET Comments

Usually i am dropping videos, interviews or album reviews but I thought on this Thanksgiving Eve I would take a moment to thank the culture. I am thankful for Hip Hop and the knowledge it has given me throughout the years, the times its been there for me when nobody or nothing else was. The raw emotion it has allowed me to feel and the love it has allowed me to embrace. My Hip Hop family means more to me then anyone will ever know and the music and culture keeps my heart full. I received the Illmatic Cassette tape when i was in 5th grade and ever since then i have been in this relationship that has truly molded me as an individual and given me hope, anger, fear, happiness and love but above all something that completes who i am as a woman.
Thank you Hip Hop.

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