Behind The Beat: Creating A Message With DJ DN3

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And yes, yes y’all and we don’t stop! To the beat y’all! It’s Ms. HipHopUDontStop coming at ya with the first installment of the ‘Behind The Beat’ series for the new year. We know it’s been quite some time but with the holidays and changes being made to the site and series, we decided to put it on hold. We at Womazing want to offer quality so unless it’s worth your time to read, we’re not gonna deliver it. AIN’T NO HALF STEPPIN’.

For this installment, I want to take it back all the way to the Southwest and introduce you all to the one and only DJ DN3!

Although DJ DN3 resides in AZ currently and call it his home, he originally hails from his hometown of Philly. His introduction to the music that he loves started at a young age and it was due to his brother.

My love for Hip Hop goes back to the womb. Better yet, it was when I first heard my brother play ‘don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge’ or better known as Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’…it’s always been a love affair since then.

His brother grew up during the beginning of the Hip Hop era and it inspired him to become a DJ, which in turn inspired DN3 who wanted to be just like his big brother. “Here I am as a kid, breaking into my brothers’ room and picking locks just to set everything up and rock myself…and that’s how my love for Hip Hop first started.”

When his brother moved (and all the equipment went with him) it wouldn’t be till after college that DN3 touched the turntables again. As he was working for a mortgage company back in the day, he met two cats that had the same interests in music and by chance ended up having software to work with. It was due to that connection that he started getting into the production aspect of the game. Although he didn’t have an MPC or SP 1200 to work with like he wished that he had, it happened around the time that producers (such as 9th Wonder) were able to make crazy production with software. So he took a chance, and like with any big endeavor it took time and networking with local artists. It wasn’t too long after that MegaRan came into the equation, they started working together, and everything changed.

Music to me is that trusting friend that won’t let you down.

After creating about 16 tracks with MegaRan and numerous tracks with other artists, the worst thing that could’ve happened to an artist happened – his computer crashed. With that crash he lost EVERYTHING, all his hard work just gone in an instant. He contemplated saying fuck it all but when he told MegaRan about what happened to all the music they had just put in work for, he ended telling DN3, “Well looks like we have to do 16 more, 20 more”.

After my computer crashed, I almost quit music. But MegaRan convinced me to keep pushing and just knock out more music. Without him, I’d probably still dibbling and dabbling in the music game.

As their work together continued to grow, major changes would soon come to follow. MegaRan decided to move to AZ and expand his fan base with a scene that definitely had room for growth. At the time DN3 was experiencing some trials and tribulations back in Philly, so MegaRan told him to pack his bags and come to AZ. He believed that they could really start something out there so DN3 decided to pack his bags. Once the transition was made to AZ they really felt the love from the community and it was a wrap.

People really took to us, Megaran as an artist, myself as a producer and due to that AZ is the place I call my home

As the work with MegaRan progressed, DN3 started linking with other local Phoenix artists. The first would be emcee RoQ’y TyRaiD. Next would be Mister Miranda who was cool with MegaRan since the day he moved to AZ, and later MC Pennywise would join the crew. With time they would come to be known as ‘The Writers Guild’. Although they are all ILL with the mic and DN3 on the wheels of steel, don’t ever call them a “supergroup”. Better yet, think of this crew as a creative collective that brings that mad flava to ya ears!

A couple months back, The Writers Guild held a show for the AZ Hip Hop scene called ‘The Hustle’ and although it landed on a Tuesday night; the house was packed with fans ready to show their support for the artists hitting the stage.

There was support from all sides and we accomplished what we set to do. When it comes to the Hip Hop scene there are often a lot of cliques and what we wanted to showcase was the real sense of unity in the AZ scene.

As far as what DN3 has in store for now and in the future, he has a solo project in the works and has collaborations with artists such as Savant, Hexsagon, Mystic Blu, and of course continued work with The Writers Guild. If ever given the opportunity, he would love to work with Jay Electronica and if given a dream collaboration he would love for it to be with De La Soul. If you’re not in AZ, be sure to be on the lookout for DJ DN3 as he heads out with MegaRan for “The Nes In The West” tour possibly coming to a venue near you.

For everything that happens in life, there is always a soundtrack for it. For all the memories that I have, whether good or bad, I can look back and remember the song that I heard in that moment. That to me – is everything.

Well as we always say here at WomazingDotCom (& cause a wise man once said, of course) “Hip Hop is the perfect verse over a tight beat”, from the ladies over here at Womazing, thank you DJ DN3 for creating that tight beat. Even more big ups for the exclusive mix he created for our supporters that includes assorted DJ DN3 productions and rhymes.

Want some more flava for ya ears?

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