NEW ALBUM: Saheed x Numonics – Not For Nothing

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First off, can I tell you how excited this makes me? Saheed is one of my favorite lyricists out right now. He’s so passionate with his delivery and his sound just reminds me of the 90’s. I’m a huge Saheed fan and I’ve been waiting for a new album to drop since “Take Heed” so when I first found out he was working on a new album, I was beyond elated. However, a new album with Numonics…EXCITEMENT OVERLOADDDDDD! This album definitely gives me exactly what I was expecting AND more.

Starting off with “Grand Morning“, which to me is now my new favorite way to say “good morning”, the jazziness of it envelopes your eardrums with a velvety sensuality and Saheed brings it. Not too rough though. He saves that for the next track, “I Go On”, which features Dj Heron on the cuts and scratches and I love every second of this track. This project has just a little over a handful of features which is okay with me because it’s doesn’t overload it, take it over, and not let us enjoy what we really came to enjoy..Numonics and Saheed. Wrekonize of ¡Mayday! and Soul Khan of Brown Bag All Stars spit a little bit on “Times Up“, Wais P on “Movement” and Math Hoffa and J NiCs on “Exhausted“. You even get to hear a little of Womazing’s own Venessa Renee on “No Matter What They Say“!

Check it out for yourself and you’ll understand why we’re big Saheed and Numonics fans over here. This album will be getting a ridiculous amount of play. Head over to and download your own copy of “Not For Nothing” for the FREESKIS!!! I love free music. ESPECIALLY when it’s this dope.

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