The Certified Fresh Jumpoff Theme – Greg Grease Prod. By The Audible Doctor

by on Thu, 01/31/2013 at 3:00pm ET Comments

Yoo Its My Mans And Them….. If anyone is familiar with (who by the way we adore here at womazing) then you also know MeenAfresH whos always with the freshest of tracks! meenAfresH recently picked up his own show on Wrap.Fm “The Certified FresH Jumpoff” so The Audible Doctor And Greg Grease teamed up up to create “The Certified Fresh Jumpoff Theme” with DJ Just Nine on the 1’s And 2’s a Fricka Fricka Fresh cut was created! So for your listening pleasure I present to you………………..
” The Certified FresH Jumpoff Theme”
Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday night to Wrap.Fm from 9pm – 11pm EST. And support Mr. FresH!!

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