NEW MUSIC: Fusik – Fusik III (ALBUM)

by on Sat, 02/09/2013 at 12:32am ET Comments


If you’ve been looking for some awesome, afro-cuban, ultra funky, extra jazzy tunes to brighten up your day, DO NOT FRET MY DEAR FRIENDS! Fusik is here to save you! And I know this isn’t hip hop, but all of you hip hop heads need to remember your roots.

I found these guys once at a show at Pax in Miami and I’ve been a fan ever since. These guys really get down and when I say get down, they GET DOWN! They will have you dancing, vibing and feeling all sorts of funky dope. I haven’t met one person who has anything negative to say about these guys. Should definitely tell you something.

With their latest album “Fusik III” released fresh onto the scene, these guys give you what you need to cheer you up, get you feeling groovy to head out for the night, provide the perfect soundtrack for a night with friends, or just something to get jiggy with.

Head over to and grab yourself a copy of the new album here. I would only guide you in the right direction, I promise.

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