NEW: Jon The Barber x Wally Clark – Bubble Guts Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

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If there’s one thing I LOVE when it comes to work Jon The Barber involves himself with, it’s the album artwork for his mixtapes. This cover work is no different. But that’s not the reason why we’re here. We’re here to talk about really awesome tunes.

Jon The Barber, rapper currently based out of the South Florida area, but rather familiar to those in the Tampa area. Back in the day, Barber used to run in the same battle circles as Laws. I don’t know much about Wally Clark but from what I get, he is also from the 813. This isn’t the first time these guys team up to make music together though. They’ve gotten together before to bring us “No. 1“. And now here we are today with their brand new collaboration “Bubble Guts Vol. 1

I love Barber for the simple fact that his flows remind me of the 90s cyphers and rhymes and this mixtape gives me a Lost Boyz kind of vibe. Wally Clark also comes correct on this and I’m quite pleased. The beat on “Darius McCray” has to be my favorite. “Cafe Du Monde” has this jazzyness to it though that I just can’t let go of.

And I know, why would anyone want to listen to something called “Bubble Guts“? because it’s fucking amazing, that’s why. No one has the nerve to put out music with titles that kind of gross you out but let’s face it…everyone has gotten the bg’s at least once in their lives. Barber and Clark are just dope enough to be open about it. But don’t worry friends, this tape has nothing to do with actual “Bubble Guts” nor does it induce such a feeling. If anything, it gets you feeling like you’re in the groove. It’s just got this vibe. You know, the one that back in the 90’s when you heard some new shit and you were like “This is my shit!“. The kind of music that gives you this nostalgic kind of feeling. I feel like I need to put on some Timbs, get out some door knockers, put on an oversized Nautica tee tucked into the front of my flare jeans with my hair extra gelled and crispy and “thug out“.

Word up Jon The Barber & Wally Clark. My ears are pleased.

Head over to and download the “Bubble Guts Vol. 1” mixtape for the free or feel free to stream it here.

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