I am Motivation: 12 Simple Steps To Self Care

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And yes, yes y’all and we don’t stop…POW! Damn it feels GREAT to be back. It’s Ms. MiMi coming at ya and this time it is with a new series to help all the wonderful women out there to take a step towards a healthier, Womazing lifestyle.

Womazing is a lifestyle, so we want all the beautiful ladies out there to start embracing their inner heroine, and start discovering the super powers they have always had. In order to do that, we need to cherish the temple that is our body and get in tune with our physical body, beautiful minds and spiritual souls.

Now I am a woman that lives an extremely hectic lifestyle, and 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for me to accomplish everything that I need to do and I know for a fact I am not the only one. So therefore, I am here to help all of us women that live on the go. If you have time to check Facebook, peep your timeline on Twitter, or double tap a picture on Instagram…THEN YOU HAVE TIME TO START GETTING HEALTHY!
I’m not asking you to wake up at the crack of dawn, run 10 miles or spend countless hours at the gym; a lot of us ain’t got time for that. But because of these minor lifestyle changes that I made I have lost 12 lbs., 2 inches, and my skin is looking radiant these days. Look good, feel better, do GREAT! And it all starts with taking that first step.

Each week I will be posting a fitness tip or mini workout that can easily fit into this crazy schedule we call life. Once you embrace the change, I promise your inner heroine will start emerging and those super powers of your will start becoming second nature. As I mentioned earlier, Womazing is lifestyle, but instead of just following the movement, become a part of it. You owe it to yourself to become the best you that you can be every day that we are granted another beautiful day in this wonderful life.

Along your journey, don’t be afraid to share your stories and transformations, EMBRACE THEM! You never know when you will be that inspiration to another woman who was afraid to take the first step like we all once were. Stop doubting, making excuses, and saying tomorrow will be the day…TODAY IS THE DAY! We are all in this together, so let’s go forth and be the healthy, WOMAZING women that I know we all are.
In order to embark on this endeavor, you have to make sure you’re mentally in this transformation for the better and for you most importantly. So for the next week I want you to remember these 12 simple steps to self care, because at the end of the day, if we can’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect to help others?


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