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One thing I’ve learned in life is that you have to be able to laugh, even through the most difficult situations. A good sense of humor is a superpower!  Much like a cape of confidence, humor allows you to shake off a stressful scenario and shows you can own your past, even if it’s at times extremely embarrassing!  There will always be another woman who will share your pain… and not just laugh at you, but with you as well!


One up and coming, female-friendly, and funny TV show that most young women can most definitely identify with is GIRL CODE on MTV.  GIRL CODE is a spin-off series of the previous MTV2 show, GUY CODE, and the concept revolves around the hilarities of women’s behavior:  the good, the bad, and the ugly!  What makes the show so incredibly irresistible is the cast which includes a mix of Models, Musicians, and Comedians.  The topics include everything from frenemies, bad hair days, sexting, bathroom etiquette, and girl’s night out. The series includes segments called “I Can’t” where women have the chance to gripe about their pet peeves, as well as segments called “Is That Weird?” and “Long Story Short” where ladies confess their secret odd habits and at times embarrassing personal situations.  During each episode, there are several women’s topics which the cast gets a chance to discuss and weigh in with their own opinions on the appropriate “Girl Code” to follow.  Whether their answers are outrageously ridiculous or completely relatable, it will have you laughing hysterically from beginning to end!


Here is a look at some of the show’s female cast members, noteworthy quotes, and more information on de-coding the complexities of the female formula as well as following the cast’s continuing successful careers:



Carly Aquilino
This vibrant red-headed vixen is a clever master of the art of sarcasm! Carly is a stand up comedian who is gaining instantaneous popularity performing at several popular New York comedy clubs in addition to her funny features on Sirius XM Radio.

“We (Girls) change our hair when something traumatic happens to us, and I’ve obviously been through a lot of shit.” – Carly Aquilino

Twitter: @carlyaquilino


Alice Wetterlund
Alice may seem soft spoken and gentle at first glance, but her witty punch lines are anything but submissive or sweet! She has appeared in countless sketches, commercials, festivals, shows, web series, and comedy clubs such as: Comix and Broadway Comedy Club, UCBNY, and San Francisco ’s Punchline.

“My friends have a name for my dancing… It’s called “Hey, what are you doing? Are you Okay”? – Alice Wetterlund

Twitter: @alicewetterlund



Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer is effortlessly hilarious.  Her instinctive brand of comedy is a testament to her real life experiences and natural improvisational skills.  Her relatable quotes and stories make her someone anyone would love to have as their BFF!  Nicole has held guest spots on “30 Rock”, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, and has been an active member of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre since 2010.

“If your roommate leaves notes (for you) everywhere, start leaving her notes about her notes… because she’s being stupid”. – Nicole Byer

Twitter: @nicolebyer



Jessimae Peluso

Little Ms. Peluso is certainly not afraid to “tell it like it is”.  She is known for her up-front and unfiltered style of comedy.  She has shared the gift of gab with and, as well as appeared on the “The Tyra Banks Show”, Tru TV’s “All Worked Up”, and MTV’s “Failosophy”.  She also has “hands down” the funniest Twitter feeds ever!

“You have one coochie kingdom. If you don’t do everything to keep it clean, you should be a dude”.  – Jessimae Peluso

Twitter:  @JessimaePeluso

Shalyah Evans

Actress and Awkward Princess, Shalyah Evans, once actually had to wear tiaras for a living while working at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim , CA .  Her real call, however, happened to be in Improv and she later moved to New York where she actively studied and performed in the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Second City.  Her quirky sense of humor makes her all the more appealing and adorable!

“I’ve named all three of my kids, and I don’t even have a boyfriend yet. Is that weird”?  – Shalyah Evans

Twitter:  @ShalyahEvans


Esther Ku

Chicago native, Esther Ku, is a triple threat sensation as an Actress, Musician, and Comedian. She was a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” season 6 as well as Howard Stern’s “Hottest Funniest Chick Contest” on Sirius Satellite radio.

“I feel like my ex-boyfriends are an embarrassing resume”. – Esther Ku

Twitter: @EstherKuKu


Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is a full time comedian and writer, and part time doodler of hilarious post it notes!  Her creative genius helped her achieve a semi-finalist slot on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, a stand-up appearance on “Conan”, as well as writing and acting gigs that have been featured on the,, and


“I have a friend who says she never masturbates.  I told her… you do realize it feels like pizza tastes”?  – Jamie Lee

Twitter:  @TheJamieLee



Tanisha Long

Tanisha Long is a West Philly cutie who has contributed her unique and animated style of self expression to Fuse TV, Teen Nick, MTV, College Humor, VH1, and Comedy Central.  She is an actress, writer, and director performing regularly at The Pit in New York .

“Girls like to use online dating because we want to find a guy the same way we find our favorite bra.  We just want our boobs to be held by somebody fun and supportive”.  –Tanisha Long

Twitter:  @tanishalong


GIRL CODE Airs on MTV on Tuesday nights at 9:30/8:30c and 10:30/9:30c.  To catch up on past full episodes online, you can check out .

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