Envision Your Dreams

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This past week, my friend and I had a crafting day…we worked on our dream boards.

Wait, what is a dream board?

It’s a board where you can post pictures of things that represent your dreams and goals. You can also post your favorite quotes or anything else that makes you happy. It’s basically a “bucket list” but in a more creative form.I urge everyone to do something like this because it helps you focus on your main goals in life. It’s a great way to encourage yourself and organize your priorities.

What I included on my dream board:

  •  Pictures of places I would like to go
  •  My dream job
  •  People who inspire me
  •  My favorite quotes
  •  Exciting adventures like hot-air ballooning and scuba diving
  •  My dream house

The actual board you post these things on can be a regular bulletin board. That’s what I used. As for the pictures and quotes, I printed them from the Internet and cut some of them out of magazines. I posted my pictures with pins and tacks. I also left room on my board, so I could add more dreams to it later on.

If you are really crafty, you can use scrapbook paper and letters to make it even more appealing.

If you don’t feel like making an actual board, Oprah Winfrey has a similar project on her website, where you can create a virtual dream board.

If you decide to make your own dream board, have fun with it! Get your friends involved and help them make one, too.  And remember, no dream is EVER too big!


Written by: Sydney Stavinoha of Positive Energy Group

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