Poem: Help Me Understand

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Just wanted to take a minute to speak to your soul. I want to help
you carry your bags, let’s sort through them, let’s talk about the past
and what these men did that hurt you. Why you changed, why do you feel
comfortable being in that space where all you feel is pain. I’ve seen
you naked, but I want to see you bare all. Can you trust me? If I fight
through all your exes do you think I would be too good to be true? Is
that why you still won’t give me your heart?

Baby doll, when I tell you I love you. I mean that, let me love you for
everything that you are. Wash that make up off and let me see the real
you. Let me love and appreciate your scars. I promise I’ll love
you just the same and still find you just as beautiful as ever. I just
want you to trust me.

You scared? Well I’m scared too. I’m scared you’ll push me away and go
back to where you’re comfortable at. I’m scared you’ll let a man who
doesn’t deserve you tell you he loves and you’ll believe it. Even when
this man has tore you down and stripped you from your dignity.

I’m not perfect, but I can still be your Superman. I can’t save the
world but … If you help show me the way I can show you how to see
the Superwoman in yourself.

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