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If you watched the Grammy Awards this past weekend (Jan. 26), then you must have caught Taylor Swift all up on your television screens while she partied off a storm. I never help to realize how much Taylor is always … Continue reading


The Hunger Games has been the talk of the town as of lately. I mean, it’s sequel Catching Fire racked up 161.1 million just it’s opening weekend alone, making it the the best opening debut in November next to the … Continue reading

Beyonce "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" - Los Angeles

As if Beyoncé’s latest album wasn’t enough evidence of how she feels about women empowerment. Yesterday, the pop star released an essay about Gender Equality in the work force via The Shiver Report. King Bey explains in her essay how … Continue reading


When you think of Lady GaGa you probably get a mental picture of her outrageous costumes. But when I think of her, I see a talented woman who’s not afraid to be herself in a world where all eyes are … Continue reading


If there’s any woman in the entertainment industry who’s a true inspiration, it’s definitely Jennifer Lopez. I mean, what does Jennifer not do? Miss Jenny From The Block has been chosen to feature on Cosmo Latina‘s winter issue. First and … Continue reading


Looks like Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only celebrity to crack into the ways of the media again (no pun-intended). Lady GaGa decided to take it to Twitter to announce her upcoming single “Do What You Want”, which will feature mainstay … Continue reading

11 Questions with Jessie Ware

As Jessie Ware approaches her tour stop in South Florida, I thought it was only right to share with you all this fun and quirky interview we were blessed to have with the amazing songstress. For those of you that … Continue reading


We are used to the same stereotypes when it comes to hair colors. It’s always the dumb blonde, the smart brunette, and the feisty redhead. But if you know a lot about the world and have met plenty of ladies, … Continue reading

Female Super Heroes

Back when I used to only blog about hip-hop music, I knew how hard it was to try to break through the industry. It was tough, overwhelming, and finicky. Trying to have a true support system in and of itself … Continue reading


By the time you know it’s already winter time, and what better way to embrace the holiday cheer than to have a great movie to watch during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? Disney movies! And for this year, you might … Continue reading