I have often wondered throughout the year multiple times why I was being called a “Purist” or my favorite a ” Hip, Hop Snob” at certain points I was even offended by these people who obviouslly didn’t know me calling … Continue reading


Although, I’m not thee greatest when it comes to doing reviews on projects, like A Grant, I decided to start a series where I share a few thoughts on certain mixtapes & albums that are recently released. – The reason … Continue reading


The phrase “You never really appreciate what you have until it’s gone” is one that I feel best describes the general public reception to the indefinite Outkast hiatus. On one hand, They put out music(most of it being considered timeless … Continue reading


Deejay Element of the Brown Bag Allstars (which everyone knows is my favorite group) was recently given the opportunity to fight for the chance to compete in the Finals for the Complex Magazine / McDonalds flavor battle but he needs … Continue reading


Usually i am dropping videos, interviews or album reviews but I thought on this Thanksgiving Eve I would take a moment to thank the culture. I am thankful for Hip Hop and the knowledge it has given me throughout the … Continue reading


While in Atlanta for the A3C festival last month I had the pleasure to get time to talk to the beautiful Stoney. Reppin Oakland California, Stoney gives us a look inside who she is as an artist and the things … Continue reading


And yes, yes y’all and we don’t stop, to the beat y’allllllll! Y’all know what it is, it’s MiMi aka Ms. HipHopUdontStop coming at ya with your official second installment to the ‘Behind The Beat’ series (formerly known as #MixedMonday). … Continue reading


“Slow like honey, heavy with mood…” There’s a feeling you get when you wake up and know that later on in the day, you are going to experience some pretty awesome live music. That’s how I felt when I woke … Continue reading


I’m not the greatest at recaps, but I had such an amazing time, which I felt like, I needed to share my experience with the world. You see, being new or what I like to say “the new kid on … Continue reading

year one

So even though some of ya’ll are now aware of his mixing and blending skills, now it’s time to become familiar with my man DJ Smu as a person. As he is the first spotlight for the ‘Behind The Beat‘ … Continue reading