I’m more than certain that a lot of people got high off “Theraflu” (pun intended) the other night. G.O.O.D. Music’s very own Hit Boy stopped by MTV to talk about the tune and how he didn’t really know where exactly … Continue reading


Well, this came a lot earlier then expected. DJ Clue premiered the first single off the G.O.O.D. music’s camp upcoming compilation album. This shit bangs!!

Lils & HipHopUDontStop already posted her daily pick for today’s Throwback Thursday. Now, it’s my turn… Seriously, who doesn’t remember this song? What’s so insane about this classic hit, is that even though it was released back in ’93, it … Continue reading

Another nice mellow tune, for the day! Shouts to Kevin Nottingham, for sending me this dopeness, right here. Amiri is gearing up for his upcoming album, Vinyl Ritchie, but in the meantime, he drops off the lead single “A Dreamer”, … Continue reading


I don’t think anyone could go wrong with a nice mellow tune once in awhile. Ryan Notes came across my radar a few months ago, so I’m glad he’s still on the grizzly. For this track, Ryan is featured on … Continue reading


Don’t bash me, but I’ve never gotten into Casey Veggies, like that. Ever. When I saw this on Illroots face front, I thought to myself, let me just give this guy a spin. Turns out I’m not too crazy about … Continue reading

Planet Asia always has such a strong presence on tracks… And I’ve never heard this one joint, but I’m a fan of it already. Planet Asia comes through for us ladies in “Furniture”, where he goes ahead and smooth talks … Continue reading

And Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is back at it delivering us another track. Quite the purveyor of punchlines, he continues to live up to it ‘Eat your vegetables’. Apparently Mr. Glover has a new mixtape in the works which … Continue reading

Jeary Sylves hits our eardrums with this track that not only makes ya nod ya head like a hip hop track would but it makes one sway back and forth with the smooth beat it utilizes. Featuring rapper Big Pooh … Continue reading

What I appreciate the most about this track is one thing – IT’S DIFFERENT! It definitely has a contemporary flavor to it and the vibe gives off the different aura, but I’m def diggin it. This is SnowFlake Black’s first … Continue reading