miseducation of lauryn hill

GIRLS, you know you better watch out! Some guys are only about “That Thing”. Ladies, if you don’t know what “That Thing” is yet, then it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to the Golden Age of the … Continue reading


When you think of Lady GaGa you probably get a mental picture of her outrageous costumes. But when I think of her, I see a talented woman who’s not afraid to be herself in a world where all eyes are … Continue reading

Neon Hitch_Zawadi Ungadi

“I want people to know that, yeah, times are tough, but you know what? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m living proof.” Neon Hitch Photo By: Zawadi Ungadi She has traveled the world and often refers … Continue reading


3 1/2 stars out of 4 Lorde is just so tired of your teenage antics and vapid pop songs. Can’t a girl feel connected to something with substance? Gosh. That’s how she opens up her debut album, anyway. Lorde wants you to … Continue reading


No, my first name aint baby… It’s JANET, MISS JACKSON if you’re NASTY. It doesn’t matter how old you are, which generation, gender, or taste in music… you KNOW the name “Janet Jackson”! It’s not just her famous brother, Michael, … Continue reading


Jada Pinkett Smith, Chilli, Lil Mama, Alesha Renee, Cheryl “Salt” James, Faith Evans, Fantasia, Kelly Price, Melanie Fiona, Yo Yo. What do these female celebrities have in common? Besides being beautiful, famous, and well recognized in the Hip Hop Industry; … Continue reading


NO DOUBT. TRAGIC KINGDOM. What girl didn’t know the lyrics to this entire album back in the 90′s? (I’m pretty sure we all still do). All of my girl friends wanted to “be” Gwen Stefani and all of my guy … Continue reading


Photo: In honor of the TLC movie that came out this week on VH1, this week’s Throwback Thursday Jam is “No Scrubs”. And what exactly makes “No Scrubs” a women’s anthem you say? This song reminded women all over … Continue reading


If there’s any woman in the entertainment industry who’s a true inspiration, it’s definitely Jennifer Lopez. I mean, what does Jennifer not do? Miss Jenny From The Block has been chosen to feature on Cosmo Latina‘s winter issue. First and … Continue reading


Looks like Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only celebrity to crack into the ways of the media again (no pun-intended). Lady GaGa decided to take it to Twitter to announce her upcoming single “Do What You Want”, which will feature mainstay … Continue reading