Jennifer Lopez plans on taking on a new venture. She is returning to acting as the star of an NBC detective drama. The show, Shades of Blue, will be produced by Lopez and Ryan Seacrest, among others, features Lopez as … Continue reading


As if packing out arenas around the world last year and having an album go platinum in less than a week wasn’t enough. The Queen B has strike once again! Beyoncé kicked off the 2014 European leg of her “Mrs. … Continue reading


We can always count on Katy Perry to bring such unique music videos to the table. For “Roar” we saw her as the queen of the jungle, and now for her no. 1 single “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J, the … Continue reading

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Have you ever had a dream come true before? Do you ever close your eyes and see the future? – Lady Daisey, Ready Lady Daisey is a small powerhouse of positivity. This Brooklyn born beauty has always had a genuine … Continue reading


How many times have you heard one of your girlfriends say, “I’m so over him”, “This is the last time”, “I’m done”? Regardless what she ultimately chooses for her relationship status, we can all relate to songs about changing our … Continue reading


Beyoncé probably just told HOV, “Bow down, Bae, you’re not the only one with a college course named after you.” Yeah, I went there. The Queen Bey has now become a class subject. According to the Huffington Post, the department … Continue reading


Last week I had a conversation with my mother about how low-key Rihanna has been lately. Maybe she hasn’t. Maybe the media has been focussing so much on Justin Bieber’s DUI and Beyonce’s “raunchy” performance with Jay-z at the Grammys … Continue reading


If you watched the Grammy Awards this past weekend (Jan. 26), then you must have caught Taylor Swift all up on your television screens while she partied off a storm. I never help to realize how much Taylor is always … Continue reading


What Lady doesn’t LOVE Love songs? Especially one that expresses the way us Women feel when we are IN love! London artist, Vaitea, has recently released the video for her single Lovesongs and is sharing her gift of love, music … Continue reading

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WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. Meet your host: Jo’zzy a.k.a. Dope By Accident. On your journey you will find a funky flavorful selection of beats blended with dope-tastic lyrical prowess. THIS is the Twenty90’s. If you haven’t yet heard the name … Continue reading