11 Questions with Jessie Ware

As Jessie Ware approaches her tour stop in South Florida, I thought it was only right to share with you all this fun and quirky interview we were blessed to have with the amazing songstress. For those of you that … Continue reading

ladies night

It’s Throwback Thursday time! And this week’s Womazing anthem is Lil’ Kim’s 1997 hit: Not Tonight Remix! (Or more commonly referred to as “Ladies Night”). It wasn’t just Lil’ Kim, the Queen Bee, that made this song extra special. It … Continue reading


WE are women who LOVE Hip Hop! So what better place to share the love and spread the Word about Womazing than at A3C festival in Atlanta?! This year some of the Womazing Team met in Atlanta to experience all … Continue reading

miley cyrus bangerz

***/4 Bangerz is all about subverting expectations. Miley Cyrus may have forgone her publicist, at least according to her Rolling Stone cover story, but if there’s anyone playing the public image game this year, it’s Cyrus. To put it much more simply, she … Continue reading


DESTINY’S CHILD: One of my favorite female R&B groups of all time! They had the vocal harmony. Crazy costume ensembles. And especially feel good lyrics about Girl Power! I played “The Writing’s on the Wall” CD until it was scratched … Continue reading


“It’s time for a female Jay, a female Puffy.” – Nicki Minaj There is NO denying that Nicki Minaj is currently the only female killin’ the Hip-Hop game; and has been for quite some time now. Nicki once said in … Continue reading


The meaning of “twerkin’” has always remained the same. However, the way it’s being portrayed has made a 180-degree turn. Twerkin’ was always a dance routine that we would see in hip-hop videos, but not until this past year has … Continue reading


Miley’s twerkin’ and tounge jerkin’ performance at this year’s VMAs caused quite a controversial stir in the media. Many viewers were appalled by the former child star’s very graphic and sexual display on stage. Some viewers believed it was a … Continue reading


  “Candidly I handle bars without the back pedal/They be pebbles I’m a hard rock like heavy metal/In the stilettos echo one love to every ghetto/I’m Patrice Jackson nice you can call me cello/From thee Hello I bellow in a … Continue reading


Music bands were totally the 90′s and early 2000′s! But it seems that this past year we’ve been lucky enough to see the return of boy/girl bands. First, with One Direction coming into play, and then with Boyz II Men … Continue reading