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Have you ever had a dream come true before? Do you ever close your eyes and see the future? – Lady Daisey, Ready Lady Daisey is a small powerhouse of positivity. This Brooklyn born beauty has always had a genuine … Continue reading


Call me crazy, but I’ve been so hooked on The CW’s show The Carrie Diaries. Maybe it’s because of my eternal love for Sex & The City. I was instantly drawn to watching the show because, let’s be honest, who … Continue reading

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That Girl Is Such A *****! Kim Kardashian called a “Whore” for marrying multiple times. Jennifer Lopez called a “Sugar Momma” for dating younger men. Yes, we are all too familiar with the gossip and rumors. We hear about it … Continue reading


Back during the press tour for Thor 2, Feige’s comments on a upcoming girl power movie were, “I’m not sure when that will be” and “we’ll see what happens.” Making it easy for the female target audience to give plenty … Continue reading


Valentine’s Day: The one “holiday” that happens every year that people absolutely love or hate. I say embrace it. “Why celebrate a holiday based entirely off commercialism and someone telling you to pick a day to show more love?” Well…I … Continue reading


If it were for me this list would be as long as a 500 page book. But I didn’t want to bore you guys to death, so I decided to make this post short and sweet. Sometimes in life we … Continue reading

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2013

Well, apparently this story is just a rumor, but in my opinion, this is definitely something Jennifer Lawrence would do. I mean, she did save a woman’s life last year, so I believe Jen is generous enough to do something … Continue reading


How many times have you heard one of your girlfriends say, “I’m so over him”, “This is the last time”, “I’m done”? Regardless what she ultimately chooses for her relationship status, we can all relate to songs about changing our … Continue reading


Dear Spring & Summer, I hope this letter finds you well. I’m sure you’re having a wonderful time sun bathing in a field of flowers. Normally, I don’t like to bother you while you’re away but I just can’t control … Continue reading

sarah jessica

The shoe gods have finally answered our prayers! As you may already know, the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker is set to launch her very own shoe line SJP in collaboration with George Malkemus, who is currently the CEO of Manolo … Continue reading