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How many times have you heard one of your girlfriends say, “I’m so over him”, “This is the last time”, “I’m done”? Regardless what she ultimately chooses for her relationship status, we can all relate to songs about changing our … Continue reading

WGCI-FM Big Jam 2011

Now before you even start to read this, I know of a few thoughts that may be running through your head. “Who even cares about MTV’s Hottest List? It’s stupid, they made terrible choices, they don’t even play music videos … Continue reading


  Neighborhood P gets a call from Whoo Kid, as they talk about his Grammy nomination for “Mercy”, him working with Trinidad James, Lil' Wayne “beef”. My Name Is My Name and Kanye West. Hopefully we do get that Clipse … Continue reading


Ah yes, another Game post once again. Here’s a 90-second snippet of the album’s title track, featuring Chi-town’s heavyweights, Kanye West and Common. Jesus Piece due out December 11.


As if the original White Dress wasn’t good enough, RZA decides to let loose another mix to this instant classic. (Is that a reach? No? Good). Which one are y’all feeling more the original mix, or this? Let us know … Continue reading


1 half of the Clipse Pusha T himself, explains a litle behind his favorite verse. I personally believe Freedom is one of the illest but I can understand why he went with this. This was a great win for him. … Continue reading


Wow.. Here goes some vintage footage of Kanye back in the days and just think 3 years later he got a placement on “Blueprint”. Wow man.

Screen shot 2012-10-18 at 9.37.11 PM

How dope is this?! I’ve never understood why some people said that this show is garbage. Being the fan that I am of Family Guy and American Dad, I just have to add this show to the list of shows … Continue reading


Even though, I was at A3C last week and having a blast, I was lowkey pissed that I wasn’t able to listen to this track. And today, I’m amazed… This is the Kanye I miss. “White Dress” will appear on … Continue reading


I must’ve thought of at least five different ways to write this Cruel Summer review and even as I type this up I still can’t fully make up my mind. So here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to … Continue reading